Full Moon rises over Mount Rainier at Sunset

Full Moon rising over Mount Rainier
View from Tumwater, WA
October 11, 2019

I have been to the top of Tumwater Hill many times to watch Mount Rainier as the sun sets. I have also been there several times to watch the full moon rise. And, each time I have been to Tumwater Hill to watch the moon rise, I have been disappointed. Weather, timing, atmospheric conditions and location have never been in my favor. 

On Friday October 11, 2019, luck turned in my favor. Sunset was 6:32 PM. Moonrise was 6:14 PM. The two corresponded perfectly. The moon would be rising above the horizon just as the sun was setting. The day was clear and beautiful. 

When the moon began to rise over the horizon, everyone at the park was amazed to see the moon rising perfectly over the left flank of Mount Rainier. As it continued its ascent, the moon moved up and to the right. At one point, it was nearly perched over Rainier's crater. 

We were all thankful for our good fortune.