Migration: The Transformative Power of Birds and Nature

November 12, 2010
7 pm Free to the Public
Barn Beach Reserve, Leavenworth, WA

Join us for an evening of photographs, humorous stories and inspiring tales about critters and birds who may just hold the hold the keys to enlightenment. Or, at least know where the garage door opener is hidden! Nature photographer Michele Burton is featured photographer of "The Wild Within: Wetlands of the Washington Park Arboretum" and author of "Woodland & Wetland: Puget Sound Birds" (limited edition), and "Patterns in Nature," a book of kaleidoscope images. She teaches photography at Bellevue College, leads photo workshops. Her macro botanical images can be seen at Swedish Hospital and on a series of notecards.

Barn Beach Reserve is the home of a nature center, Icicle Arts, and the Upper Valley Museum at Leavenworth, on the east slope of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. The Reserve and an adjacent city park combine to create a protected greenbelt of more than 50 acres of mature, streamside forest that includes Blackbird Island, a popular stop on Audubon's Great Washington Birding Trail.