Photo of the Week August 13, 2010

Lewis Creek Park is a Bellevue treasure in the making. Long known for its preservation of open space, former farmland and wildlife corridors, Bellevue has expanded its natural holdings to the south side of I-90. Formerly the Peltola Farm, this 55 acre park features wetland, forest and meadow trails. The trails offer an escape from the bustle of surrounding neighborhoods and give a glimpse of the wildlife and flora which make the park home.

When out on the trails, be sure to look and listen for signs of Lewis Creek Park's inhabitants - the distinctive munching of rabbits in the meadow; rustle and call of marsh wrens in the wetland; taps and excavations of all manner of woodpeckers and flickers in the woods; and , the insistent buzz of hummingbirds as they feed on the various wildflowers of the park.

To learn more about the park, check out this Seattle Times article