Photo of the Week - December 13, 2010

from: Sound Transit
Link Operations & Maintenance Facility - Public Art

Safety Spires - Dan Corson and Norie Sato (2006)

Using color, pattern and shape, the artwork Safety Spires transforms the O&M yard’s Overhead Contact System (OCS) poles into a celebration of transit, technology, and nature. One of the original inspirations for this artwork, created by artists Dan Corson and Norie Sato, was a prehistoric plant indigenous to this region – commonly known as the horsetail or Scouring Rush. The patterning on the horsetail, along with allusions to bamboo and spring growth seemed evocative of the renewal, maintenance and caring for the system taking place at the facility, the artists say.

About the Artists

Dan Corson and Norie Sato joined Sound Transit in 1999 as design team artists, helping to shape the art plan for the Central Link light rail system through STart (Sound Transit’s public art program). Both artists have extensive experience creating art for public space, and are exceptionally skilled at considering a project as a whole, resulting in site specific artwork that is well-integrated, meaningful and engaging.