Photo of the Week - February 8, 2011

Barrow's Goldeneye diving for Mussels
Sequence of 3 shots of 1 bird
Woodard Bay Natural Resources Conservation Area
Washington State DNR
Olympia, WA

February 8, 2011
From Seattle Audubon's Birdweb:
Barrow's Goldeneyes are diving ducks, and whole groups of goldeneyes will dive at the same time. They forage around pilings, and most of their foraging is under water. Barrow's Goldeneyes are aggressive and territorial, even more so than Common Goldeneyes. 

A wildlife sanctuary only minutes from downtown Olympia, this site protects habitat ranging from shoreline to wetlands to mature second growth forest on 800 acres. The site has a rich and varied human history, ranging from Native American use to early settlement of southern Puget Sound through the logging era.

Woodard Bay provides habitat for shorebirds and songbirds, harbor seals, river otters, bald eagles, a maternity colony of bats, and one of the most significant heron rookeries in the state.

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