Photo of the Week - November 16, 2011

View from Parking Garage
1911 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA

November 16, 2011
I was parking on 1st Avenue the other day on my way to the Pike Place Market when I noticed that many of the windows of the parking garage across the street were spray painted. Being a fan of grafitti, I went over to investigate. Turns out the entrepeneurs of The Bicycle Pull-Apart have painted the windows to advertise their services - selling new and used bikes, taking trade-ins, renting bikes and selling art. The business is also home to Seattle Pedal cabs. From the inside, the bright colors radiate a positive fun feeling in an otherwise dark space.

Unfortunately for the intrepid owners of The Bicycle Pull-Apart, the building is scheduled to be demolished. You have until February 1 to visit them in their current location.

View of the Garage from 1st Avenue