Photo of the Week - November 3, 2011

Pioneer Square Tunnel Station
Sound Transit Light Rail
Seattle, WA

November 3, 2011
From the Metro Transit web site:
  • Architect Jerry McDevitt designed the station with lead artist Kate Ericson.
  • The north mezzanine clock is made of materials used to build the tunnel and stations-polished marble and granite, steel I-beams, electrical wire, galvanized pipes and metals. The clock numbers are hand tools used by workers who built the tunnel. The south mezzanine clock is made of materials found while the tunnel was being built-old cobblestones, cast-iron pipe, rough granite and brick.
  • The large bronze-colored grilles in the station ceiling are air supply ducts, and the white circles on the ceiling are sound baffling devices.
Stop #10 on the Downtown Seattle clock walk.
Robert Ketcherside is a board member of the Puget Sound Historians Guild. He gives walking tours of the downtown Seattle clocks through the Seattle Architecture Foundation.
"The clock walk has been featured in episode 98 of Perils for Pedestrians; webzines such as Seattlest; the Mount Baker newsletter; a couple of times by the Seattle Sketcher."