Photo of the Week - March 5, 2013

Great Blue Herons
Ardea herodias

Green River Natural Area
Kent, Washington
March 5, 2013

The Green River Natural Area in Kent, WA is a 304 acre wetland wildlife area, co-existing with a stormwater detention facility. The site provides habitat to an estimated 165 bird and 53 mammal species in one of the few remaining large tracts of open land in the valley.

A colony of Great Blue Herons makes the Eastern edge of the refuge their nesting area. While visible from one of the area's main arterials, the rookery is mostly hidden until the herons take off en masse when spooked.

Once the tall Cottonwood trees leaf out, the herons will enjoy a very private refuge for their nesting and rearing of their young.

link to City of Kent's GRNA website