Fall 2015 photography classes at Bellevue College

Practice and sharpen your photography skills. Problem solve and practice topics such as white balance, capturing motion, night photography, and depth of field. Classroom sessions will be spent learning techniques and shooting strategies as well as critiquing student photos. Weekly homework assignments require at least 2 hours practice between sessions. Digital camera with aperture and shutter speed required; advanced compact cameras acceptable.

7 Mondays
September 21, 2015 - November 2, 2015

Learn the foundations and history of the art of photography. Explores technical evolution and milestones, while you develop a connection between artistic explorations, and important photographers and movements. Explore styles, methods and themes which connect to your own work.

4 Mondays
November 9, 2015 - November 30, 2015

Photo of the Week - August 8, 2015

A busy day at the University of Washington
Seattle, WA
August 8, 2015

Photo of the Week - August 7, 2015

Ready for an August evening on the Bay
Swantown Marina

Olympia, WA
August 7, 2015

Exploring Composition - Nineteen Views of the Same Subject

I visited downtown Shelton, Washington on a recent sunny Saturday afternoon. As we parked the car, I noticed a brightly painted building across the street. Although the paint job appeared recent and well done, the awning for the building was missing. In the intense sunlight, the missing awning's frame created an interesting shadow on the building. As I got out of the car, I grabbed my point and shoot camera. 

Below are the nineteen photos I took in a period of nine minutes. The first 5 photos show the building reflected in a warped window on the opposite side of the street. The remaining fourteen photos were taken of the building itself. All the photos except for one use the awning frame as a design element in the image. 

None of the photos are cropped. All images are essentially as shot in camera.

Click on any image to go to a gallery where you can see the individual images. 
 Gallery of Individual Images

My three favorite images:

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