Photo of the Week - July 21, 2016

Female Purple martin flies towards its nest box as its mate perches outside the box. 
Boston Harbor Marina
Olympia, WA

July 21, 2016

Painting with Light

One of the highlights of large festivals and fairs is the midway full of rides and amusements. The lights, sounds and excitement are a photographers dream. It can be especially fun to photograph the carnival lights at dusk, when some ambient light remains and the rides are at their most magical moment. When it gets completely dark, that is usually the signal for the photographer to head home. Without the contrast of surroundings, carnival lights lose some of their dynamic energy. 

When I was photographing at Olympia's annual Lakefair festival this year, I ran into that problem. The last remaining color had been drained from the sky. As I photographed the rides, they were no longer recognizable and had turned into streaks and circles of light. One or two of these are interesting, but not interesting enough to keep me photographing. 

As I got ready to leave, I  decided to try one last thing. I set my camera to ISO 100 and my smallest aperture, f/32. In manual exposure mode, I set the shutter speed to 1.3 seconds. And then, I took the camera off the tripod. Focusing on the center of the Ferris wheel, I began to move the camera while I pressed down the shutter button. The Ferris wheel was moving in its circular motion. I moved the camera in somewhat square and swirly patterns. Some of the results are shown below. 

I really like the strong rainbow colors. And, the spirograph like patterns are really fun.

Photo of the Week - July 13, 2016

Flying through the air on a carnival ride at 
Olympia's 59th Annual Lakefair festival. 

July 13, 2016
Capitol Lake
Olympia, WA

Photo of the Week - July 4, 2016

The Artesian Family Festival & Thunder Valley Fireworks Show
Tumwater Valley Golf Club
Tumwater, WA

July 4, 2016

Many thanks to Chuck Denney and all the great folks at the
City of Tumwater for making the Fourth of July event run
smoothly. You make my work as a photographer so easy with
all the hard work you put in behind the scenes. 

If you haven't been, be sure to put Tumwater's 4th of July celebration
on your calendar for next year. Free face painting, games, music.
Food booths. Skydivers. And, just when you think it
doesn't get any better, there are excellent fireworks!

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